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Presentations for teachers

Teachers can discover the museum and how it can contribute to their curricula at special sessions based on the exhibition, the artist-in-residence or on a selection of works based on an art history theme.

Enrol for the next teachers session :
educatif & cultural services contact : Alice Cornier (Manager of the education department) / + (0)3 27 61 61 44

Educational resources

Our culture and education department produces media for teachers visiting the museum with their students. This media includes presentations of the artists, explanations of glassworking techniques, a bibliography and ideas for further exploration. 

Information for teachers

These are handed out at the teachers sessions or can be sent by e-mail or by post and cover all the works in the museum or exhibition. 

Teaching packages

Based on a classic art history theme or on the works contained in the museum. These packages provide additional resources for teachers.
They are available on loan free of charge for one month by prior reservation. They contain theme-based datasheets on an artist or a work, a special folder about glassworking techniques and a set of documents about the museum and its latest developments.

Themes :

  • Landscapes : package (on loan) and information about the work of Ana Thiel 
  • The table : sybolisme du quotidien :  package (on loan) and information about the work of Joan Crous
  • Noir & blanc : package (on loan) and information about the exhibition
  • Balance, imbalance, movement : package (on loan) and information

Annual educational theme

Each year, the culture and education department proposes a new approach to the permanent collections on a theme connected with the national curriculum.

Educational project for 2010-2011 : Inside/outside

Share your project ideas with the museum

If you wish to discuss any ideas you may have for a school project with the museum, our culture and education department will be happy to help you to devise special tours of the museum and customized workshops.

Information / arrange an appointment : 
educatif & cultural services contact : Alice Cornier (Manager of the education department) / + (0)3 27 61 61 44